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Tomorrow's biggest stories in tech and business begin in Paris at VivaTech. 

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The VivaTech Tour makes its big comeback in an original and 100%-digital magazine format

Ahead of its hybrid edition in June, Viva Technology is launching a new worldwide virtual VivaTech Tour. This 100%-digital weekly program, which kicks off February 18, sets out to discover 10 international tech hubs that are the innovation centres of today and tomorrow.

A digital magazine

The VivaTech Tour is morphing into a full-fledged digital magazine. Hosted by Asha Sumputh – journalist, entrepreneur, inspiring speaker and tech specialist – each 50-minute episode offers recurring and varied sections (fireside chat, startup pitch, expertise, demos,...). These 12 events invite us to discover the most innovative ecosystems of our world. During each episode, an in-depth discussion will highlight a different theme (Is it the right time to grow? What are the growth prospects for certain sectors such as finance, luxury goods? etc.). 

And each episode is aimed at the entire VivaTech community: startups, corporate actors, VCs...

"This new format remains entirely faithful to our mission to showcase innovative international ecosystems,” explains Julie Ranty, CEO of Viva Technology. “These 12 episodes of the VivaTech Tour give a voice to the entire tech community, and they help to build bridges between the various players. This new weekly event provides an opportunity to cross-fertilise and inspire the innovation talents of today and tomorrow".

The first episode will be broadcast on February 18, 2021 and will highlight the dynamic Israeli tech ecosystem. This will be followed, on a weekly basis, by 11 other events leading up to the fifth edition of VivaTech, the catalyst for business transformation, startup growth and innovation for the common good, which takes place June 16-19, 2021. The United States, China, Africa and France are all ecosystems that will be explored during this new VivaTech Tour. To discover the 12 stages of this cycle and to participate in it, please visit


In only four years, VivaTech has become Europe’s biggest startup and tech event and is recognized worldwide as a powerful catalyst for business transformation, startup growth and innovation for the common good. VivaTech brings together in Paris every year business leaders, startuppers, investors, researchers and thinkers from around the world for a unique experience combining inspiration, networking and innovation discovery. Starting in 2021, VivaTech will be enriched with a digital platform that will bring together an even larger community of innovators. In 2019, VivaTech had already reached 231 million people worldwide, bringing together 124,000 visitors including more than 13,000 start-ups, 3,000 venture capital firms and 2,500 journalists from 124 countries. The 5th edition of VivaTech will be held on June 16-19, 2021.

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